What is Portability?

Portability is a family’s ability to move from one Housing Agency’s jurisdiction (area) to another, while retaining rental assistance. This is commonly referred to as “PORTING” or “PORT”. If you are eligible to PORT to another area in the United States or its territories, you may do so without having to complete a new application and be placed on a waiting list.

To Move Into One of Our Jurisdictions

The Housing Authority that gave you your voucher is the agency who decides if you may “PORT” to our area. If you are allowed to PORT, certain regulatory documentation is sent to us from your originating Housing Agency. Upon receipt of these documents, we will contact you, the Voucher Holder with more information. We are currently billing for all incoming PORTS. Incoming PORT information may be sent directly to Kay Hanna, N1095 Sleepy Hollow Rd, Denmark WI 54208. Fax number 920-776-1914. Email to khanna@horizon-management.net.

To Move Out to Another Housing Authority

  • Upon receipt of a Housing Choice Voucher, a family must agree to live in the Housing Agency’s (HA’s) jurisdiction for the period of at least one (1) year before utilizing the option of portability OR be a resident of that jurisdiction at the time of application.
  • If the family was a resident of the jurisdiction at the time of application, the family is immediately eligible for portability at voucher issuance.
  • A participating family must be in god standing with their landlord (owing no rent or utilities or damages) prior to the move.

Where Can I Go?
A voucher holder may move anywhere within the United States or its territories if there is a Housing Agency who is able to administer the voucher. From time to time, there may be budget restraints that limit your choices. If you know where you want to live, we will find a Housing Agency for that area.

In order to request portability, you must complete a Portability Request form (PDF) and mail it to your current Field Manager. Your landlord must also send us a statement confirming that you are in good standing (owing no rent or utilities and have given them an acceptable notice to vacate). You must notify your landlord and Horizon Management at least 28 days prior to your move. Portability typically takes 30–60 days to process from one agency to another.

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